Custom Order Process

Custom Ordering a Nib Holder

To begin a custom order, the process is as simple as emailing us at We love doing custom designs and will work to help create your perfect holder.

Steps in the Custom Order Process 

  • Email us with your basic specifications
  • We will reply with questions, concerns, etc
  • We give an estimated price
  • You confirm the estimated price
  • We will send a detailed email asking you to confirm all the details
  • Once you confirm the details you are placed in our Custom Order Schedule
  • Once completed, we will email you an image, as well as a link to purchase through our website
  • Payment is completed through our website using any major credit card
  • Once payment is made we ship your holder on the next possible business day and email you tracking. 
  • **The only time a deposit is required is if your pen is personalized or a very untypical design for a pen. 

It is often helpful to look at our GALLERY to see holders we have done in the past and get ideas from them. You can also download and view our Custom Order Price List. This may give you a rough idea of what upgrades and options cost for our pens. Please keep in mind that the price list is a not exact, your pen may be less or more that what the price list reflects. We will work to make it as affordable as possible once we confirm the details of the pen and the total price. 

 Before emailing, please review and try to decide the following items before-hand. It will save us both time in designing and pricing your custom holder. If you are unsure of any of the items on the below checklist, we are more than happy to discuss it with you. Don't feel overwhelmed as you can have as much or as little of this information as you would like. 

  • Wood or Materials you would like to use
  • The layout of the wood (ie: Ebony Foot, Mahogany Tail, etc) 
  • Dimensions (Please reference the below image for dimensions you may provide)
  • Shape of the Foot
  • Shape of the Tail and Finial
  • If you plan on using long "school type" nibs, please let us know this
  • Type of Nib Flange for an Oblique (Brass or Nickel Silver, Bullock Style or Bullock Replica)
  • How quickly you would like to have it.
  • Any Other Special Instructions
  • Keep in mind, the sky is pretty much the limit, we love new challenges!


The Parts of a Nib Holder

When discussing a custom holder with you, these are the terms we use to describe the parts of the holder. Please reference this photo when putting together a custom design for us to turn, It will eliminate any confusion.


Sample of Foot Shapes

Below is the typical shapes we turn on the foot of our holders. Choices can be aesthetic choice or some choose them based on the size of container they dip their pen in to ink the nib.


                Classic Foot                                               Angled Foot


  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Amex
  • Discover