Japan Ink Reviews

Unbiased Reviews from volunteers. Click on each image for a larger sample of the work.

We still have a couple examples & reviews which are yet to be submitted and will be added once they are in.

Nick D'Aquanno - Penman

Ink arrived today and it's a nice ink. Below is written quickly on Conqueror paper. Yoke Japan Ink goes on black, even on this bleached paper. Viscosity is much thicker than Blots, especially when Blots is double dipped. Blots goes on gray, and will turn dark in a few hours on bleached stock. Hairlines are a bit finer with Blots. Yoke's Japan Ink is closer to Old World ink than Blots or Walkers. Also seems to be less acidic. I used 2 new Gillott 604EF's and the nib used in the Blots turned a bit black after a page of ovals. Nice product that will appeal to many penmen. Chris Yoke did a great job with the ink, it's buttery smooth.



Don Tate - Penman

I congratulate you on such an excellent ink that flows so easily from my oblique pens. Having used the Walker point as well as various points made in past decades, I found no trouble using the ink. It comes out of the bottle and goes onto the paper with a beautiful dark black, doesn't bleed and does just what I want it to do. I believe a person with a lighter touch will be most pleased.
I am most happy you allowed me to try your new ink! Thank you and I am confident many others will be most anxious to get their own for their calligraphy and pen work.


 Michael Ward - Penman (Michael's Etsy Shop)

This is a great ink! My initial thought when I dipped was that it looked rather thick on the nib, but after touching the paper I found it to write very smooth, and lay down very black shaded swells. The hairlines are my favorite part though, a middle ground between McCaffery's and Old World. Specifically regarding the shade of the hairline, McCaffery's hairlines tend to take on a grey color, helping them look extra fine, while Old Word's are solid black no matter what. Hairlines produced with Japan Ink, at a good speed do lighten up slightly, but not the the degree of McCaffery's. When dry, the shaded swells look nearly identical to Old World. Not fully matte like Blot's, or slightly glossy like McCaffery's, but right in the middle.


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