Naked Cherry Finishing Tips

Below are some tips from some very talented individuals who hand paint pen holders on finishing techniques. I am working on a customer gallery to display their finished "Naked Pen Holders", watch for something soon! 


Hi Christopher!! I use a variety of materials. I like the Finetec metallics and I also use Gouache. Acrylics, bleed proof white and watercolor. Ink used is Mccaffery brown. Chris uses Watco clear gloss lacquer on the pens after they have been painted. Sometimes the acrylic reacts but only when it has been an interference pigment. Hope this helps.

Hi Chris, My first paintings were with gouache which is fine for opaque painting. In the last one, the dragonfly I tried acrylics and find that it flows more easily, its easier to paint with. I never tried watercolor but for more delicate designs and transparency its ideal, as seen on Heather lovely flowers. Also for some translucent and sparkling effect, Dr. Ph. Martin's Spectralite inks diluted with some water works fine. The varnishes that worked for both gouache and acrylics, in my case, are the acrylic ones in spray. Chinese lacquer gives a brilliant finish, and also can be used but it's difficult to apply with brush because bubbles can appear and depending on the way you move the brush you can ruin everything!
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