Lettering Foil Pen


The Lettering Foil Pen is specially designed for calligraphy and lettering.  Tips are angled to resemble a pointed pen or broad edge pen so you can write and apply foil with ease.

  • Includes four (4) interchangeable tips: fine, extra fine, broad, and extra broad.
  • Portable; hand-held battery operated foil pen (Requires 3 AA Batteries, not included)
  • Can foil on most surfaces like paper, leather (except waxed leather), wood and some types of canvas fabric
  • Comes with 30 sheets (4"x6") of foil in 5 colors (gold, silver, red, blue, fuschia); 6 sheets per color
  • Comes with a lettering and foiling guide by Gail Madalag, M.D., R.Ph. (@the_md_writes) and Carl Chua (@carligraphy)
  • One Year Limited Warranty from Manufacturer

*Leather Products not included and pictured only for visual reference


       Proper Care and Usage:

      • Use brand new alkaline batteries. 
      • Make sure batteries are correctly and securely attached.
      • Preheat pen for at least 1 minute before use. Pen must be hot enough for foil to adhere to surface.
      • Use tape to attach foil to surface with shiny side up. (Easy Release Masking Tape or Washi Tape are recommended as they do not leave a residue on the surface.) 
      • Make sure foil is stretched flat and is in full contact with the surface for a nice foil transfer. 

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