"Ghost" Strahm Replica Oblique Pen Holder, 3D Printed

$5.99 $10.99

I made an error in the resin color and these are being offered at a great discount, exclusively to my IG followers

 Right Handed Oblique is standard,. If you would like a left handed flange instead, please just specify in notes at checkout!


  • Strahm Pen Holder Replica
  • 3D Printed Ergonomic Design
  • Made from a 3D scan of an original Strahm Pen Holder
  • Removeable Brass Yoke Oblique Flange
  • Mild Texture to surface for superior grip
  • Overall Length: 6"
  • Weight: 8.7 grams

See a video overview of my 3D Printed Pen Holders at https://youtu.be/4v1VC1-CPQc