Vintage Homemade Oblique Holder #M2


Limit One Vintage Holder Per Person!! If you purchase more than one, your order will be cancelled, refunded and product returned to stock. 

I love these vintage homemade holders. It shows what the everyday American did to be able to practice their penmanship. Each one was carved by hand and fitted with a nib. Usually the finish is lacking or not finely applied, but they are great pieces of penmanship history

Model: Homemade, looks to be a copy of a Master's Holder in my opinion

Flange Type: Crowquill

Length: 7"

*Note: These are holders which are approximately 125 years old. See images for condition. Care should be taken in handling. The flanges on vintage holders are NOT like today. They are very stiff and cannot be adjusted easily. Therefore it is very possible to damage the holder if great care is not taken if you choose to try to adjust them. For this reason, all holders are being sold AS-IS and no warranty or returns is allowed.  These are all in varied states of condition and being sold as collectors items. 

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