YPC Workshop Oblique Pen Holder


Created for beginners or those on a budget. A very affordable Metal Flange Pen holder with a flange installed at an upward angle! We hand fit each solid nickel silver flange to each pen, the same material used for hundreds of years on the worlds best pen holders. The slight upward cant (or angle) we place on the metal nib flange allows even the most novice calligrapher the pleasure of writing with ease. Comes pre-adjusted to fit a Zebra G Nib (available separately at the previous link), our suggested beginner nib. 

Note to Beginnners: Part of using a premium oblique pen holder is the fact the metal flange needs adjusted to each nib and also to your individual writing style. You can view our video tutorials on our YouTube channel on how to make these simple adjustments at https://www.youtube.com/YokePenCo


  • Plastic Handle
  • Length: 6"
  • 15/32" Barrel Width at Widest Point on Handle
  • 3/8" Barrel Width at Point Where Fingers Rest
  • Solid Nickel Silver, Hand-formed Nib Flange
  • Upward Angle of Nib Flange for Ease of Use
  • Pre-Adjusted to fit a Zebra G Nib
  • Nib Not Included
  • 30 day Limited Warranty
  • Bulk Purchasing Available (with notice) for Workshop Instructors, please email to discuss

International Shipping Costs for this item: Canada $6.00 and the rest of the world is $8.00. This is using first class envelope method, which you can choose at checkout. Your pen will be placed in a bubble mailer envelope instead of a typical shipping box to save postage costs. 

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