Yoke Pen Co. Professional Oblique Nib Flange Adjusting and Forming Pliers (Round Nose)


These are also available at Paper and Ink Arts at a slightly lower cost. Consider adding them on to an order of nibs or inks from them!

Manufactured to my exacting specs for professionally adjusting nib flanges without damage to the metal. Also used for making flanges from sheet stock. Although similar to Bail Making Pliers, there are manufactured differences which I requested. The gap of the jaws allow room for standard brass flanges to be bent and shaped without creasing, there is approximately a 0.015" gap between the jaws when fully closed. 

  • Made of High Quality Tool Steel
  • Long Lasting Hinge Construction
  • Black Rubber Comfort Grips
  • Instructional Video of Use is Located at: http://youtu.be/MvyEPUlnxgo
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • This Item is for one pair of ROUND NOSE Pliers only

Round Nose

  • Used for reshaping the nib flange of an oblique to a new nib shape.
  • Also used for shaping new sheet metal stock to the arc shape required for a proper nib flange. 
  • You should use the small diameter jaw extension for the arc shape. (3mm side)
  • Overall Length: 7"
  • 3mm & 5mm Diameter Jaws
  • Weight: 3.5 oz

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