FAQ's & Custom Orders

Selecting a Holder Size

One of the hardest things to choose, without actually holding an actual pen holder, is what diameter of holder is most comfortable for an individual. The comfort is the most important aspect of the pen holder. Just as every person's hand is a different size, I try to make a large selection of diameters available for purchase. Here is how I suggest to find a comfortable size.

Take a standard pencil. You can wrap it in string, tape, cloth, modeling clay or anything else and create a size and shape that is comfortable to you. Once you have the size worked out to your comfort, measure the dimension on it from the image below. Dimension B & C are the most important and the dimensions I show in my descriptions.

Another option is to go to a local hardware store, craft store or lumberyard that carries wooden dowels. You can pick up and hold different diameters of wood in your hands. You should try to find a diameter that allows your thumb and two fingers which hold the holder to have a small space, about 1/16" to 1/8" in between each finger. Next would be to try each size that is one size above and below that size dowel. Whichever one is most comfortable would be the size the finger rest area dimension would be in my descriptions. 

If for some reason I don't have that exact size in stock, feel free to contact me and I can custom turn a holder based on your size requirement, wood choice and decorative end choices.

You can also send me the dowel or pencil wrapped in tape, string or cloth and I can duplicate that exact shape!


Custom Ordering a Pen Holder

To begin a custom order, the process is as simple as emailing me at yokepen@gmail.com. I love doing custom designs and will work to help create your perfect holder. Do not let the details below overwhelm you, approach us via email and I will help you through all of this, it's much simpler than it sounds. 

Steps in the Custom Order Process 

  • Email me with your basic specifications
  • I will reply with questions, concerns, etc
  • When you respond to any email discussing the order, please do two things
    • Use the reply function in email so I can reference our previous conversation as I always have many emails going back and forth between many people at once
    • If you have images you want me to see ATTACH them to the email and do not place them in the message text. This is because a large image makes it difficult to read the text if I have to scroll left to right
  • I give an estimated price
  • You confirm the estimated price
  • I will send a detailed email asking you to confirm all the details
  • Once you confirm the details you are placed in my Custom Order Schedule
  • Once completed, I will email you an image, as well as a link to purchase through my website
  • Payment is completed through my website using any major credit card
  • Once payment is made I ship your holder on the next possible business day and email you tracking. 
  • **The only time a deposit is required is if your pen is personalized or a very untypical design for a pen. 

It is often helpful to look at my GALLERY to see holders I have done in the past and get ideas from them. You can also download and view my Custom Order Price List. This may give you a rough idea of what upgrades and options cost for my pen holders. Please keep in mind that the price list is a not exact, your pen may be less or more that what the price list reflects. I will work to make it as affordable as possible once I confirm the details of the pen and the total price. 

 Before emailing, please review and try to decide the following items before-hand. It will save us both time in designing and pricing your custom holder. If you are unsure of any of the items on the below checklist, I am more than happy to discuss it with you. Don't feel overwhelmed as you can have as much or as little of this information as you would like. 

  • Wood or Materials you would like to use
  • The layout of the wood (ie: Ebony Foot, Mahogany Tail, etc) 
  • Dimensions (Please reference the below image for dimensions you may provide)
  • Shape of the Foot
  • Shape of the Tail and Finial
  • If you plan on using long "school type" nibs, please let me know this
  • Type of Nib Flange for an Oblique (Brass or Nickel Silver, Bullock Style or Bullock Replica)
  • How quickly you would like to have it.
  • Any Other Special Instructions
  • Keep in mind, the sky is pretty much the limit, I love new challenges!


The Parts of a Pen Holder

When discussing a custom holder with you, these are the terms I use to describe the parts of the holder. Please reference this photo when putting together a custom design for me to turn, It will eliminate any confusion.

Finish Types

I offer three finish types, Gloss, Matte & Natural Oil. If you order a segmented holder (more than one wood glued together) it cannot be finished with a Natural Oil finish. 

  • Natural Oil: created using natural oil finish and matte in appearance. This finish offers an inexpensive alternative to gloss and still protects the wood. Over time the finish will dull and also inks can get in the grain and stain, creating a great looking patina over time. A quick wipe down with wax will refresh the finish and is advised a couple times of year
  • Matte Clear Coat Finish: Created using either CA or Lacquer. Same protection as my G More time consuming to apply than the other finishes and therefore it costs more. Very resistant to staining and if you wipe off any ink when it gets on the finish, it should not stain. Requires no maintenance but a coat of wax will create a smoother feel to the surface and help repel water and ink
  • Gloss Clear Coat Finish: Created using either CA or Lacquer. Surface will not dull over time and remains glossy. More time consuming to apply than the other finishes and therefore it costs more. Very resistant to staining and if you wipe off any ink when it gets on the finish, it should not stain. Requires no maintenance but a coat of wax will create a smoother feel to the surface and help repel water and ink



Sample of Foot Shapes

Below is the two typical shapes I turn on the foot of my pen holders. The choice is purely cosmetic and has no affect on the function. The angled foot also keeps the end of the wood from accidentally being dipped into the ink. 


                Classic Foot                                               Angled Foot


Laser Engraving

I can engrave your flange with many stock designs and text. I also have the ability to engrave any vector image sent to use. Have a look at the below page on Laser Engraving Options