About Me

I have been wood-turning for quite some time now. In June of 2012 I found out that my Great-Great Grandfather (I refer to him as J.W.) was a Golden Era Penman and Teacher of Penmanship in Indianapolis, Indiana in the late 1800's. He was a teacher of Spencerian, Engrosser's Script and Flourishing. I was lucky enough to discover a huge amount of his work, scrapbooks, holders, nibs, inks and other penman materials in a box tucked away in my grandparents home. I was instantly infatuated with the work he did and decided I would learn all I could and begin trying to write script myself. 

Being a tall man with larger hands one of the problems I had was comfortably holding the delicate little holders which have been the primary style of nib holders for a long time. My fingers were always cramped together and found it hard to control the pen in the way suggested from teachers and books  I decided that I could make something much more comfortable for myself to help me in my quest to letter and flourish like J.W. did. I studied the angles and geometry of his vintage holders and many other vintage and antique holders in depth. 

After making a few and showing them to friends and colleagues; many found they were not only beautiful, but much more comfortable. I was asked if I would be willing to sell them and after many expressed an interest, Yoke Pen Company was born.

I love lettering and woodworking and making holders is great sense of pleasure and pride for me. I make sure that every holder is the same quality I would want in one before it leaves my shop. I scrutinize every detail and due to the variety of sizes I make and offer, the details matter because no holder is exactly the same, just all based on the same geometry.

I hope everyone enjoys my pen holders as much as I do and I am willing to help in any reasonable manner to help you get exactly what you want out of my holders.


Thank You,

Christopher Yoke