Sourcing Our Ivory

At Yoke Pen Company we are extremely environmentally conscious and have spent countless hours debating and researching on the use of Ivory in our holders. Most antique, turn of the century holders contain ivory and we wanted a way to replicate those holders as closely as possible. 

I know many believe that selling or buying Ivory is illegal. It is in fact not, provided it is purchased from a reputable source. In fact elephant ivory is legal to buy and sell provided it is from pre-1989 sources. Find out more at and also at The US Fish & Wildlife Service

We have taken this fully legal approach, one step further. The company we buy from in the United States ONLY buys Elephant Ivory if it has a full chain of custody proving that not only is it CITES legal but also NOT harvested by illegal poaching previous to the CITES rulings in 1989. This company is also one of the largest contributors to helping identify and prosecute anyone who illegally harvests Ivory. We researched this company and the best way to secure legal ivory for months before making a single purchase of our ivory stock.

All of our elephant ivory is African Elephant and full documentation is kept on site. You do not need anything other than our contact info to resell if you ever choose. In our opinion we went well beyond what is required to source and use ivory in our holders. We welcome any questions about our very minimal ivory stock.


We CANNOT sell any elephant ivory overseas. We will ONLY ship a holder with Elephant Ivory in it to the continental United States, PERIOD. It is a felony to ship Elephant Ivory outside of the United States and we adhere STRICTLY to the law.

Under current US Laws we cannot ship pen holders made with ivory as below to the following US States.

 Material Illegal to sell to 
Elephant Ivory CA, HI, IL, NV, NH, NJ, NY, OR, VT WA and District of Columbia
Mastodon or Mammoth Ivory CA, HI, IL, NV, NH, NJ, NY, VT and District of Columbia
Walrus Ivory IL


If you live overseas (excluding the UK, where fossil ivory is illegal) we do have a minimal stock of Mastodon (Mammoth) Ivory available, which is fully legal to ship outside of the United States. Contact us for pricing of a custom turning.

The above list is subject to change at any time, we use as a reference to continually changing laws