Welcome to Yoke Pen Co.

"The World's Premier Custom Pen Holders" 

  • The ONLY fully custom pen holder manufacturer
  • Others offer limited, if any, custom options
  • There is no limit I place on custom orders. I do my best to accomplish anything you desire
  • 100% authentic antique replicas including Magnusson, Zanerian, Tamblyn, Skeels, Gmeiner and more
  • I am able to replicate these pen holders exactly, because I own the largest antique pen holder collection in the world 

  • I'm not just some guy in a garage with a lathe
  • I have a fully equipped wood shop using professional equipment such as... 3 Professional Lathes, Industrial Fiber Laser, Custom Cross-cut Table Saw, Custom Bench Router, Oscillating Spindle Sander, Belt Sander, Buffing Setup, Professional Spray Equipment, Full Dust & Air Filtration Control and more!
  • Scientifically tested processes for each stage of your custom pen holder construction, using professional testing and construction equipment. 

  • Humidity and temperature controlled wood storage
  • Premium Exotic & domestic woods from all over the globe.
  • Huge selection of Premium Wood Burls
  • Color Dying Available
  • Inventory includes some of the rarest materials in the world such as Mastodon Ivory, Elephant Ivory, Baltic Amber, Ancient Kauri, 24k gold, Swarovski™ Crystals and more!
  • The wood foot of each pen is treated with my exclusive water resistance process. 


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