Yoke Penmanship Collection Archive

Below are high resolution 1200 dpi scans of original exemplars from my personal collection. I present these high resolution scans for personal use and study only please and ask that they may not be used for commercial purposes without my written permission. 

I encourage everyone who has original documents to scan their items at high resolution for everyone to enjoy.  If you provide a place for the public to access it freely, I will add it to the links section of my website. 

Click on the images below  to download the high resolution version. 

C.V. Howe Letter

2mm X-Height

W.A. Baird Letter

3mm X-Height


L. Madarasz

1.75mm X Height


 C.P. Zaner

7mm X-Height


 C.W. Norder

250mm x 85mm

(Original Used in the Zanerian Manual with Scanned Reverse Side)

W.E. Dennis

250mm x 215mm


F. Schofield

280mm x 210mm


Robert C. Spencer

195mm Wide

P.R. Spencer Jr.

255mm x 192mm

P.R. Spencer Sr.

140mm x 75mm

P.R. Spencer Sr. 

140mm x 80mm


P.R. Spencer Sr. 

3mm X-Height 

(Body of Letter)


L.M. Kelchner

160mm x 240mm


C.C. Canan

(Not High Res)

(To Be Scanned)


F.B. Courtney


7mm X-Height

Flourish & Needle-Stitch Script 



Lester Fields Draft

(To Be Scanned)


Lester Fields Final

(To Be Scanned)


Gaskell's Guide






1902 Zanerian Catalog



 J.W. Yoke Scrapbook

Pages 1-17 are my Great-Great Grandfathers own work.

The remaining 69 pages are from other penman. Examples such as Musselman, Gaskell, Preston and more


P.R. Spencer Sr

Several  Original Specimens



E.A. Lupfer

Business Penmanship

Certficate Exemplar

(To Be Scanned)


J.S. Yoke Penmanship Practice

(JS Yoke was not a penman like his son, I love this because it shows everyday writing from 1833)



Gaskells Compendium of Copy Slips

Standard Business Envelope Size



Gem City Business College Journal

March 1989

Noyes System of Practical Penmanship 


(I will be rescanning this, as it came out very overexposed. This note will be gone once I do) 


The Western Penman 

October 1871


The Western Penman

January 1873


The Western Penman

March 1872

JW Roberts Flourish

8.5" x 13"


Many, Many Others....

(To Be Scanned)


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