Turning Lessons & Workshops

In Person Lessons Temporarily Not Available due to Covid-19 Pandemic. Email to discuss Virtual Lessons if you are interested!

Have you wanted to learn to turn pen holders, pens or small items?

I teach all of my techniques in my fully stocked and professional woodshop. All materials are included in the costs. 

I offer classes and workshops booked based upon any skill level and interest and each class is setup specifically for you and up to two friends. Each class is tailored to exactly what you might want to learn and normal hours are 9am to 5pm.

Class groups are subject to a daily discount per person. Also classes can cost a little less or more based upon exact desire of learning, the below is just a base starting price. Extended classes can be arranged and these classes can also be booked most any day of the week or weekends. 


  • Hourly: $45 per hour
  • Daily: (1-2 days) $175 per day
  • Daily: (3 + days) $150 per day


  • You may find hotel lodging in the following map area which is close to my workshop...


I live somewhat rurally and as a result transportation is limited to...


  • Drive Yourself 
  • Airline (Local Airport is IND or Indianapolis International Airport)
  • Train: AMTRAK
  • Bus: Greyhound

***Lastly, all classes and any stay on my property requires signing a liability waiver, which will be provided to you before booking any workshop or lodging. 



Example of Beginner Work

The below pen holders were turned by a complete beginner with no experience over a two and one half day class. Work is shown as it was created going right to left. The student made these with instruction only from me. They created them from start to finish!





Example of Advanced Class Work

The following pen holders were made by an advanced student over the period of a week. These include some of the most difficult techniques I know to create. 


You can get an idea of my recommended tools at THIS LIST I put together