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Mercury Adhesives CA Glue - Thick 2oz

Mercury Adhesives CA Glue - Thick 2oz

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Made in the USA

  • Our recommended CA Finish Product
  • 2 oz Bottle
  • Thick Viscosity Flex Version
  • Manufacturer Part Number M1100G

DESCRIPTION: M1100G Instant is a thick gap filling viscosity that bonds to a wide variety of materials including wood, paper, cardboard, leather, fabrics, etc. Bond times vary according to the substrates being bonded but are generally faster than normal super glues.

APPLICATIONS: Typical applications include wood trim on furniture, balsa wood bonding for hobbyists, leather accessories on shoes, fabric bows on shoes and lampshade bonding. Other features include versatile bonding of most elastomers, metals and plastics.


  • No Clog Cap
  • Typical pricing for 2oz $11.49
  • Made in the USA
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