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Walnut Quill Knife, RH version

Walnut Quill Knife, RH version

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  • Antique Walnut Handle
  • Hand Forged Knife Blade
  • Made of 1095 Steel
  • Full Tang Knife
  • Mosaic Center Pin
  • Brass Scale Pins
  • Completely Hand Made
  • Natural Oil Finish
  • Comes with Plastic Blade Protector/Sheath

To use a traditional quill knife, while cutting the flat surface of the blade should face you and the rounded surface of the blade should face the quill. This helps facilitate the rounded cut of the nib shape and why a traditional knife is far superior to a utility or hobby knife. 

This is a RH version of my quill knives. You will use this version if....

  • You hold the knife in your right hand and cut quills TOWARDS your body
  • You hold the knife in your left hand and cut quills AWAY from your body 

If you cut them in the opposite direction you will need my Quill Knife, LH version

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